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Transit Trip Planner FAQ's

~~Transit Trip Planner FAQs
Sarnia Transit Trip Planner uses the power of Google to make your next bus trip planning quick and easy.  Simply enter where you are, where you want to go, and when you want to be there; Google will do the planning for you.
Frequently Asked Questions

Transit Trip Planner

Where do I find the Transit Trip Planner?
You can begin planning your trip on the Transit Trip Planner page. You'll find the link to the Transit Trip Planner by Google, at the bottom of each web page under Schedules & Maps.

How do I use the Transit Trip Planner?
Simply enter where you're starting from and where you want to end up in the search fields; include the date on which you want to travel and what time you want to start or arrive and press Get Directions. There is more than one choice.

Which should I choose?
You will often receive more than one suggested route as this is the way Google works.  Routes may vary in trip length, departure and arrival times, cost or the amount of walking involved. The first suggestion may not be the most suitable, so see what else it suggests by clicking on each. Icons appear to the left of each description showing what modes of transportation are involved. Clicking on each item will show detailed information about the suggested route, including the amount of walking, and the time required for transfers. 

Can I change my route planning option? 
Yes, you can change your planning preferences and plan your route by best route, fewer transfers and less walking by clicking on Show options below the A and B search fields.

What if I know a better routing plan? 
Transit Trip Planner uses a complex system to determine the best three options for a search or query. This process (officially called an algorithm) considers factors such as minimum travel time, minimum number of transfers and minimum walking distance/time. It is meant to be a tool to help customers access schedule information.

Are the times provided in real time?
No.   The times provided by the trip planner are the scheduled times found on the schedules and maps page. This also means that temporary detours and service disruptions are not reflected in the trip results. Arrive early to ensure that you do not miss your bus.

How can I plan my trip if I don't know the address?
If you don't know the exact address you can search for points of interest in Sarnia. You can also search for an intersection (e.g.,London Road and Lambton Mall Road), or you can drag the Start Point ("A") and/or End ("B") around on the map.

Is this online trip planner accessible?
Google Maps, which powers this Transit Trip Planner, has accessibility features for persons who use screen readers or Braille displays. Google Maps provides an easy-to-use interface that gives trip information on these devices.

Can we use this trip planner on mobile devices? 
Yes, through the Google Maps application on your mobile devices. Data charges may apply.

Transit Trip Planner

Disclaimer: Sarnia Transit is not responsible or liable for the accuracy of any information provided by Google Maps and does not validate any trip planning information provided.

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