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Tree Care and Maintenance

Trees are a vital part of our community. The City endeavors to plant a tree in front of every home wherever possible. In summer, mature trees provide shelter from the sun’s direct rays and help to cool your home or reduce air conditioning costs. In winter, they cut wind speeds and help to reduce your heating bill. Trees also provide us with an oxygen source and absorb carbon-dioxide and other pollutants in the air. In addition, shade trees may add at least ten percent to the real estate value of your home.

To assist in beautifying your street we ask that you take a personal interest in your tree, particularly in its early stages of development.

  • The tree should be watered twice weekly during warm, dry weather.

  • Moderate fertilization is good for your tree. We encourage you to fertilize, but only once a year, using one cup of fertilizer (without weed killer)

  • Keep the earth loosened at the base of the trunk so that air and moisture can reach the roots easily.

  • After planting, wood chips are added to conserve moisture for the roots of your new tree. A protective barrier is used around the bottom to prevent injury from weed whippers and lawn mowers. Please ensure the area around the base of the tree is kept free of grass, weeds and flowers to prevent them from taking soil moisture from the tree.


Tree Pruning
Pruning is a common and important maintenance practice. Well pruned trees look better, are safer, healthier and live longer.

Trees are pruned for:

  • Public safety

  • Height clearance for pedestrian and vehicular traffic

  • Remove dead branches

  • Remove crowded and rubbing limbs

  • Increase air and light penetration in to the tree crown

  • Develop proper structure


If you have any other questions about a tree that is located on city property, please call us at 519-332-0330 extension 3209, and we will be happy to help.



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