The Finance Department is responsible for the budget process, including the Current (Operating), Capital and Reserves Budgets, and Fees for Services. This financial plan gives staff the guidelines and direction to allocate resources and provide services and infrastructure.

Fees for Services are the fees for various programs and services charged by City of Sarnia departments.

The Draft Budget Highlights is created annually to provide a high-level overview of the budget process, aspects of the budget, and the proposed changes for the following year. The 2020 Draft Budget Highlights will be available October 25, 2019.

The Approved Budget Highlights document provides a high-level overview of the Council approved changes for 2020.

In preparation for the Budget process there are a number of presentations to Council which will be posted below as they are presented.

The detailed drafts are provided to Council and made available to the public at the beginning of November for the next year. The public is then given opportunity to provide input to Council regarding the budget during a Budget Input and Grants Council meeting which is generally held later in November.

Council will deliberate and approve a budget to fund the core services our citizens rely on at service levels they expect for a high quality of life, to support economic innovation, and to make investments in our community’s future to support revitalization and growth.  The 2020 Budget Deliberation meeting will be held on December 3, 2019.

The Approved Budget is made available after approval by Sarnia City Council.

2020 Budget Schedule

2020 Approved Budget Documents

2020 Approved Budgets (Operating, Water, Sewer, and Capital & Reserves)
2020 Approved Fees for Services

2020 Draft Budget Documents

2020-2021 Draft Operating Budget
2020-2021 Proposed Fees for Services
2020 Supplementary Budget Information
2020-2021 Draft Capital and Reserves

2020 Budget Highlights

2020 Approved Budget Highlights
2020 Draft Budget Highlights


2020 Draft Budget Highlights Presentation – October 28, 2019