Election Signs – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When can a candidate begin to install election signs?

A. No election sign shall be installed until the candidate is officially registered in the election.

Q. Where can election signs be placed?

A. Election signs are only permitted on private property. Election signs are not permitted on City property such as parks and boulevards.

When placing signs, please be aware of the following regulations:

  • No person shall erect or maintain an election sign within 5m of an intersection or 3m of a laneway.
  • No person shall erect or maintain an election sign on City property unless the sign owner has received written approval from the City.
  • No person shall erect or maintain an election sign attached or supported by a structure not intended for this purpose. Including but not limited to a tree, fence, light standard or utility pole.
  • No election sign shall be erected in a residential zone that is lit by artificial light which is direct, indirect, internal or external to the sign.
  • The maximum number of signs permitted on each property is three.
  • The maximum size of a sign in a residential area is 0.5m2 in all other zoning categories the maximum area is 1.5m2.

Q. Who deals with questions and complaints about election signs?

A. Questions and complaints about election signs should be directed to the Supervisor of By-Law Enforcement at 519-332-0330 x3500 or bylawenforcement@sarnia.ca.

Q. Who will remove the signs put up in violation of the by-law?

A. Illegally placed signs will be removed by Building/By-Law Enforcement staff.

Q. Will the City contact the candidate prior to removing an election sign?

A. No, candidates will not be notified by the City prior to the removal of a sign. Following the removal of a candidate’s election sign for the first time, the candidate will be notified that a sign has been removed.

Q. Where does a candidate pick up election signs that have been removed by the City?

A. Small signs that are removed are stored at City Hall for 10 days. The City will only contact the candidate after the first offence to advise that sign(s) have been removed. It is recommended that you contact the By-Law Department prior to picking up your signs.

Q. After Voting Day, when do Election signs have to be removed?

A. All election signs shall be removed within seven days after Voting Day.

The information contained in the in this document is pursuant to the City of Sarnia Sign By-Law #65 of 2014.

For additional information not contained in this fact sheet, please refer to the City of Sarnia Sign By-Law or the County of Lambton Sign By-Law.