Short-term accommodations are generally understood to be when individuals rent all or part of their residence, for sleeping accommodations for any rental period that is less than 30 consecutive days.

What is a clear list of requirements for this existing short-term accommodation to be licensed?

Please see the Short-Term Accommodation Licensing By-law and work through this Guide to Success

Who can I call to do an electrical inspection for my Short-Term Accommodation?

Any ESA Licenced Electrical Contractor is acceptable to perform the inspection. The link provided below lists all ESA Licenced electrical contractors that can be found for the City of Sarnia.

How can I obtain a Criminal Record Check?

Police check applications are currently online only.  The applications can be found on the Sarnia Police Service website (  Either the search bar can be used or the third tab at the top of the page called “How Do I.”  The Record Checks/Taxi Applications are the second option from the bottom.  Applicants will first be required to setup a user account and then will be steered through the process.  ID verification and payment are all done online and the results emailed to the applicant.