The City of Sarnia recently received a payment of $1 million towards the $4 million commitment made in 2019 from Cestar College of Business, Health and Technology for the Sarnia-Lambton Oversized Load Corridor.

 “While we have all faced challenging times this year, it brings us great joy that we are able to give back to the City of Sarnia through this donation. It represents the ongoing connection Cestar College has to Sarnia and the value that this relationship has had for the community and the province as a whole. Our contribution to the Cestar Dock, as part of the Oversized Load Corridor, will stimulate and strengthen Sarnia’s economy, infrastructure and surrounding area. We are honoured to be able to participate philanthropically in its ongoing development.” Adrian Sharma, Director, Cestar College of Business, Health and Technology

“A big thank you from the people of Sarnia to Cestar College for their ongoing contribution and generosity to the community by funding the Cestar Dock.  The Dock is a key component of the Oversized Load Corridor and will have generational economic and social impact on Sarnia, Sarnia Lambton, Ontario and Canada.  In challenging times Cestar has become a key member of the Sarnia Business Family”. Mayor Mike Bradley, City of Sarnia

The oversized load corridor is a designated protected route on existing roadways connecting fabricators to the Port of Sarnia for the unimpeded import/export and trans-shipment of oversized product to and from fabricators’ locations and Sarnia-Lambton’s industrial base. Construction of the project is expected to be complete by the end of 2023.

Clear passage preserved along this route will improve the competitiveness of local fabricators and large industry by reducing shipping costs, creating new jobs, and increasing the potential for the export of valuable locally manufactured vessels, reactors and modules. The entire route is optimized for cost, connection to a port, and service to area fabricators.

In addition to the Cestar donation, the project is being funded by the City of Sarnia, County of Lambton, St. Clair Township, Sarnia Lambton Industrial Alliance, Transport Canada – National Trade Corridors Fund and the Provincial Southwestern Ontario Development Fund.

Cestar College’s donation will be recognized with naming rights to the new dock facility which will be constructed as part of the project. The dock will be named “Cestar Dock,” identified with signage.

About Cestar College of Business, Health and Technology

Founded in 2007, Cestar College began with a passion for providing high-quality educational experiences and combined this with a mission to develop students who would succeed in the Ontario job market. After investing $30 million into the facilities and hiring over 200 staff and faculty members committed to working toward these goals, Cestar College is a successful example of the benefit private career colleges bring to our communities. Eight years ago, Cestar began a relationship with Lambton College in Sarnia to amplify their combined influence in Ontario’s education system through training international post-secondary students at Cestar’s Toronto campus. This public-private partnership has flourished into a powerful and dynamic learning experience, offering 16 programs to students from more than 25 different countries, while simultaneously contributing over $120 million to the Canadian economy. As a symbol of Lambton College in Sarnia and Cestar College in Toronto’s combined efforts to produce better outcomes for the future through the power of education, Cestar College is incredibly honoured to be able to contribute to the City of Sarnia though this philanthropic donation.