At its budget deliberations meeting, Sarnia City Council approved a $155.8 million budget for 2021.

The general levy increase is 2.00%, which is down from the original proposed budget levy increase of 2.39%.

The transit levy increase is 2.45%, which is no change from the original.

The total budgeted expenditures of $155,759,099 were approved and is an increase of $1,221,088 over 2020.

Council approved the following changes to the draft 2021 budget:

  General Levy Transit
Elimination of Blue Bin Costs -$5,000  
Increase to Municipal Grants $15,634  
Net expenditure changes $10,634 $0
Elimination of Blue Bin Sales -$5,000  
Increase to OMPF $186,200  
Reserve Contribution $129,742  
Net Revenue Changes $310,942 $0
Net impact: -$300,308 $0

The impact per $100,000 of assessment for a residential property is:

General Municipal Purposes $17.34 (2.00%)
Transit Area $1.36 (2.45%)
Total Municipal Purposes $18.70 (2.03%)

Council also approved two grant requests, one in the amount of $80,000 to the Sarnia Lambton Taskforce on Healthcare Worker Recruitment; and the other in the amount of $8,200 to the Heaven’s Wildlife Rescue Rehabilitation & Education Centre.

The approved capital budget is $61,759,805 after approval of two additional capital projects totaling $400,000 from those outlined in the draft capital budget.

Reserves are budgeted to be $28,079,673 after the approval of $1,089,742 of additional spending from reserves.

Changes to the Fees for Services were made to eliminate all year-over-year increases to fees that are charged to businesses.

The approved budget will be posted at

The next Regular Council Meeting will be held virtually at 10:00 a.m. on Monday, December 7, 2020.