At its budget meeting Sarnia City Council approved a $154.9 million budget for 2020.

The general levy increase is 2.89%, which is down from the original proposed budget levy increase of 3.95%.

The transit levy increase is 5.97%, which is up from the original 5.0% increase.

A proposed special area levy for the industrial area has been cut in half to $500,000.

The total budget amount of $154,938,329 represents an increase of $248,533. This increase has been mitigated by revenue increases totally $998,808.

Council approved the following changes to the draft 2020 budget:

General Levy Transit
Statutory benefits (mostly WSIB) $130,831 $8,352
Insurance $79,542 $40,609
Insurance reserves $41,593 $14,786
Revenue interest reserve allocation -$257,000
Police budget (reduction) -$169,901
OMPF reserve allocation $256,133
Gypsy Moth program $90,000
Free Menstrual Products (trial) $28,600
St Clair Region Conservation Authority levy increase $20,588
Vehicle allowance $4,400
Sarnia Library maintenance -$20,000
Care-a-Van fuel expenses -$20,000
Net expenditure changes $184,786 $63,747
Growth taxes $25,000
Increase OMPF revenue $846,145
Decrease parking revenue -$2,400
Bluewater Power dividend increase $100,000
Insurance reserve allocation $3,063
Net Revenue Changes $973,808 $25,000
Net impact: -$789,022 $38,747

The impact per $100,000 of assessment for a residential property is:

General Municipal Purposes $25.00 (2.89%)
Transit Area $3.23 (5.97%)
Total Municipal Purposes $28.23 (3.07%)

Council also approved a grant request in the amount of $72,366 to the Sarnia Lambton Taskforce on Healthcare Worker Recruitment.

The approved budget will be posted at

The next Regular Council Meeting will be held at 4:00 p.m. on Monday, December 9.