Reported out of the closed meeting. Sarnia City Council met in closed session on June 17th, 2019:

  • To provide direction to staff with respect to a Re-Naming Request regarding City property. No votes were taken other than to provide direction to staff.
  • To discuss youth representative appointments to various Boards & Committee. No votes were taken other than to give direction to staff. The appointments will be reported publicly at the next regular meeting of Council on July 8th, 2019.
  • To discuss a proposed acquisition of land related to a property on London Line. No votes were taken other than to give direction to staff; and
  • To discuss a proposed disposition of land related to a property in the Sarnia Business and Research Park. No votes were taken other than to give direction to staff.

Heard the following delegations:

  1. John McNeill – regarding shoreline erosion at private residence and requested a staff develop a report on this subject;
  2. Jenn Johnson and Bill Suisham – Celebration of Lights and provided a grant to offset the fees for the event until 2022;
  3. Eric Watt – ALT Walk Event;
  4. St. Patrick’s Catholic High School Green Team Members – Climate Change;
  5. Kelly Moir, Sarnia Sustainability Ambassadors – Climate Emergency Request; and
  6. Leslie Pullen – Climate Change Emergency Request.

Approved the 2018 Consolidated Financial Statement of the Corporation of the City of Sarnia and the Trust Fund Financial Statement of the Corporation of the City of Sarnia.

Approved the Sanitary Sewer Lateral procedure for property owners.

  • If a blockage is found to be on the property owner’s side, staff will provide the property owner a letter recommending a clean-out be installed and informing the property owner the City will not be providing maintenance unless a clean-out is accessible in the future.

Authorized the Bluewater Power shareholder resolution.           

  • Accepted annual financial statements;
  • Reappointed existing board members for a one year term;
  • Reappointed KPMG as auditors of the corporation; and
  • Acknowledged Mr. Ray Curran’s retirement and contributions as a director.

Accepted the tender submitted by DiCocco Contractors 2015 Inc. in the amount of $648,148 (including non-rebateable HST), for required civil work for the taxiway rehabilitation on Taxiway Bravo, ramp remediation, and updating of airside guidance signage.

  • Allocated $64,483 (the difference between the tender and the ACAP Grant), from the received 2019 Gas Tax funds and that any funding contingency be allocated to the Airport Capital Reserve.

Accepted the tender by Carlington Construction in the amount of $932,208 (including non-rebateable HST), for required rehabilitation of the Kenny Street Bridge.

  • Approved the repurposing of $153,741 in Road Resurfacing Capital funding for the Rehabilitation of Various Structures Capital Project.

Approved the proposal by Sustema Inc. in the amount of $107,331 (including non-rebatable HST) for the supply of 911-dispatch work stations to replace aged work stations.

Made the following approvals related to the Festival and Events Policy:

  • Subsidized 50% of Council approved fees for service for non-profits and community groups and organizations without a revenue source;
  • Authorized an increase to $50,000 the Major Events Assistance fund effective June 17, 2019 and that the funds be allocated from the Operating Contingency Reserve;
  • That the allocation of funds through the Major Events Assistance fund also include contributions towards costs associated with Event Proposal preparations and towards support of community development initiatives;
  • That Festivals and events that are not free to the public will be considered on a per festival and event basis as funding is available;
  • That Staff continue to review the policies and procedures and report to Sarnia City Council on any amendments reducing “red tape” that would result in an effective festival and event process;
  • That Staff be directed to develop and Indoor Facilities Use Entertainment and Events Policy and associated Strategies to maximize indoor facilities use in support of festival and events; and
  • That the above recommendations be conducted as a pilot project for 2019 and that Staff report back to Sarnia City Council at the 2020 Budget deliberations.

Extended the conditional offer with Southside Construction Management Ltd. for sale of 1.67 acres of land in the Sarnia 402 Business Park.

Directed staff to retain go to market for a consultant to facilitate strategic planning.

Resolved that Sarnia City Council members stop the purchase of bottled water and other plastic products at City Hall.

Directed staff to add the following information in the header of each report that involves the approval of a purchase:

  • The financial account the purchase is coming from;
  • The budget for that account/item before item is approved and after; and
  • A link to the RFP document.

Directed staff to complete a report on the potential to regulate short term rental platforms (such as Airbnb) within the City of Sarnia.

Authorized the Chief Administrative Officer to explore working with community groups and as part of the Festival and Event Policy Review, the possibility of a new state-of-the-art showmobile, and at the same time to seek donors in the community and naming rights on the showmobile.

Officially declared a climate emergency for the purposes of joining a national and international movement and to provide a lens through which all policies and opportunities can be viewed.

  • Directed staff to identify target areas in municipal policy through which specific changes can have the greatest impact to reduce our carbon footprint and local impact on climate change.

Directed staff to carry out a “best practices” review of the Centennial Park remediation project.

Directed staff to work with the Friends of the Cull Drain Bridge.

Directed staff to work in collaboration with indigenous communities and user groups to develop a policy related to the use of indigenous images and themes at the City of Sarnia’s facilities and/or sports fields and to include the UNDRIP Committee and Point Edward in consultation.

The next Regular Council Meeting will be held at 4:00 p.m. on Monday, July 8, 2019.