I am delighted to announce that we have integrated our two community-facing regulatory service portfolios to better serve Sarnia – leading this new and exciting service area is Mr. Adam MacDonald, who brings with him over 15 years of dedicated experience in the By-law Enforcement portfolio. Adam will now lead our new Building & By-law Enforcement Department for the City!

Adam will be working closely with Ms. Corrine Nauta, our Chief Building Official (CBO), to transition into this new structure. Corrine, a very well-known and respected leader in the Building industry across this County, and our City CBO since November of 2020, has been instrumental in providing leadership over the last four months. We remain grateful for Corrine’s on-going support to provide continuity in service delivery to our community and industry.

On a personal note, Corrine and Adam, it has been and continues to be a privilege to work closely with you both. Your support working through this new and exciting model of service delivery has been instrumental in shaping this new service area, especially through these uncertain times. I look forward to continuing to work with you both as we implement this new chapter in service delivery, and offer my continued commitment and support.

With a calm and friendly demeanor, Adam brings an exceptional understanding of regulatory services and how they are delivered to our community in a fair and equitable manner. This departmental integration allows us to standardize service delivery across these areas to ensure essential health and safety, and community standard enforcement services are consistently and transparently provided. With this new department, we have created a permanent Deputy CBO / Supervisor of Building Services position as well as a Lead By-law Officer position to allow for personal and professional growth among staff, as well as more depth within the team.

As you know, our team provides essential regulatory services to private property owners across our community. This team has and continues to provide exceptional front-line service through this on-going pandemic. These service areas work together to facilitate investment and stimulate economic activity, protect investment and ensure life safety requirements are met, and provide strategic recommendations to streamline service delivery for property owners and investors, while improving property conditions for the community’s benefit.

Please join me in extending our warmest wishes to both Adam and Corrine as we work together to take this next exciting step forward, together.

For further information, please contact:

Stacey Forfar General Manager of Community Services

Stacey.Forfar@sarnia.ca(519) 332-0330, ext. 3347