The City’s Senior Management Team has recently reviewed the organizational structure and is implementing the following changes:

  • Legal and Property Services are being combined with the Clerk’s Division into one Department called Legal and Clerk Services.  These changes are effective immediately.
  • The Department of Finance is being re-structured, specifically Information Technology and Customer Service will transfer to a new Department under a Director of Corporate Services. This new Department will also be responsible for Human Resources, Corporate Communications and Emergency Management.  The Director position is currently posted on the City website


  • Finance will be adding two new positions, previously approved in the 2020 Budget. An Asset Management Coordinator will be responsible for providing coordination and management of all aspects related to the development, maintenance and oversight of the Corporate Asset Management Plan. An Internal Controls Coordinator will review the City’s internal control processes with a task to improve those currently in place or create and implement those that may be missing.

The transition of some sections from Finance to Corporate Services and the integration of Human Resources, Communications and Emergency Management will occur once the Director position is filled.

We believe these changes will continue to strengthen the services we provide to the public while assisting staff in the performance of their roles.