The City of Sarnia requests that the public avoid any access to the Sarnia Bay Marina dock facilities during construction currently underway to repair damage to the dock.

Unfortunately, we have suffered a major theft of wiring which services the Marina picnic pavilion and all of the dock lighting, hydro distribution panels and individual boat slip receptacles. The value of the damages to the facility is still being determined.

In order to repair the damage caused by theft, the docks at Sarnia Bay Marina are under construction. No pedestrian or boat access can be allowed due to hazards associated with the work being performed. Please do not enter the dock portion of the facility for any reason without authorization.

Dockside Restaurant is open for business and the public boat launch is still available for use during the construction project.

Parks and Recreation staff are working on a plan to replace broken and missing materials at the Sarnia Bay Marina facilities.  Once a full scope of the work involved has been established, our team of City Staff and electrical contractors will release the details of the project to Sarnia Bay Marina operators, to ensure that boat slip lease holders are well informed. At this time, we do not expect to delay the opening of the Marina at the originally advertised date of May 15, 2019.