The new pedestrian crossover (PXO) at the entrance to Canatara Park (Christina at Cathcart) was installed on Tuesday, June 26, 2018, in time for Canada Day celebrations.

A pedestrian crossover is different from a crosswalk; it is identified by specific signs, pavement markings and lights; some have illuminated overhead lights/warning signs and pedestrian push buttons.

 “In time for Canada Day festivities, the new PXO provides a safe location for pedestrians to access Canatara Park. Staff have included additional lights at this PXO for extra visibility due to its location at an intersection and multi-turning lane road,” explains Mike Berkvens.

Directions for pedestrians:
Push the button to activate the flashing lights, make sure the driver can see you and has come to a complete stop before you begin to cross.

Directions for drivers:
By law, you must stop and yield to pedestrians intending to cross and wait for them to completely cross the intersection before proceeding.