The Suncor Nature Way parking and trails will be closed starting May 31, 2021 for the sediment removal project of the Stormwater Management Facility (SWMF).

The SWMF was constructed in 2004 for the development of the subdivision on the west side of Modeland Road. One of the purposes of SWMF’s is retention of storm water to allow for the sediment to settle before discharging the storm water into the natural environment (Wawanosh Drain). The facility now requires the removal of built-up sediment to continue to operate properly.

To provide a safe construction site, the parking area and trails must be closed to public access during this project. The contractor will be erecting signs and fencing to prohibit access to the construction area.

The contractor has estimated an 8 – 10 week construction schedule based on the amount of sediment material to be removed from the facility, time to dry and then loaded and transported off site. This schedule is prone to delays if high amount of rain is experienced during this construction. When cleaning the different areas (3) within the SWMF, any water entering the SWMF must be pumped around the areas being cleaned. Even during dry weather conditions, water continues to drain to the SWMF from sump pumps discharge from homes, water draining onto the roadway from homeowner activities and from ground water infiltration.

Summer, with dryer conditions, is the optimal time to clean the SWMF. The City explored alternative options to mitigate a closure but the work has been planned for a number of years and any delay would lead to increased cost. Regular trail users are encouraged to explore some of the other great parks and trails throughout the City within the In Your Own Backyard series.

Wawanosh Wetlands Conservation Area can continue to be accessed from Blackwell Side Road. Blackwell Trails Park is another great destination nearby, on Blackwell Road that has parking and a large trail network.

The City thanks the public for their patience during this time.

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For further information, please contact:
Joe Boothe, Superintendent, Environmental Services 519-332-0527 Ext. 3590