Fencing has been erected around the excavation site at the forecemain project along the Howard Watson Nature Trail for the safety of the public. Signage has been posted indicating the closure of the trail. Ground surrounding the excavation site is very loose and the fencing has been erected for the safety of trail users.

Ongoing vandalism of these measures could extend the trail closure due to time spent rectifying the damage to ensure public safety.

The overall Rapids Parkway Extension project consists of the road extension under Highway 402 to Exmouth Street, stormwater servicing, trail modifications, extension of the watermain, sanitary forcemain, and modifications of the pumping stations.

Phase 1 of this project is currently underway. This involves extension of the watermain, sanitary forcemain, and pumping station modifications. It is expected to be complete in approximately one year.

Please remain respectful of the safety measures in place so the project can continue as scheduled. The current closed section of the trail is expected to open mid-May, and other additional closures will be required throughout the project.

Residents interested in receiving on-going project updates are asked to contact the Engineering Department engineering@sarnia.ca to subscribe.

For further information, please contact: Andrew Epp, Project Manager, Engineering and Operations engineering@sarnia.ca

Below: Photo of fencing surrounding excavation site.