Lambton Public Health’s new dedicated website – – is a one stop shop for all COVID-19 related updates and Frequently Asked Questions.

Lambton Public Health recently updated its response phone lines to provide the public with more self-serve options for their questions and concerns regarding various public health measures including COVID-19. There is now a dedicated COVID-19 vaccine line that people can access to speak with a member of the COVID-19 Liaison and Response Team.

Please call 519-383-8331 or 1-800-667-1839 during business hours of Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or access and submit your question through a web form under Contact Us.

Learn about Ontario’s vaccination program to help protect us against COVID-19. For local information contact Lambton Public Health

Guidance and resources to help businesses operate safely during COVID-19 are available at:

Accurate Vaccine Info

When you see or hear information about COVID-19 vaccines, ask yourself:

-Is this a credible source?
-When was this source last updated?
-Where did this source get its information from?

For the most recent and accurate information of COVID-19 vaccines visit:

For more information on the Government of Canada’s response to COVID-19 visit: