All parks, playgrounds, and trials remain open for use by members of their own household. Citizens can sit on benches and walk-through paths for passive use, and dog parks are open.

We encourage the community to get outdoors and enjoy the beautiful parks and trails the City has to offer, however it remains imperative that citizens do not treat these spaces as destinations and avoid congregating or gatherings.

UPDATE: Sections of the Howard Watson Nature Trail will be closed temporarily to allow for clearing of brush and trees as past of the Rapids Parkway Forcemain project.

Closures include:
– Tuesday, March 9: Exmouth St. to London Rd. & Sandpiper Drive to Exmouth St.
(Access to trail from Wiltshire Drive will be open)
– Wednesday, March 10: Sandpiper Drive to Exmouth St.
(Access to trail from Wiltshire Drive will be open)

Bluewater Trails – Open For Use

The Howard Watson Trail, part of the Bluewater Trails network of trails, runs 16 km from Sarnia to Camlachie (at Mandaumin Road). No motorized vehicles are allowed.
The Bluewater Trails Committee, the caretakers of the trail, was formed in 1999. Its job is to oversee trails throughout Sarnia including The Howard Watson Nature Trail. The committee is run by volunteers and includes one city council representative and two city staff.

Mission Statement: Bluewater Trails, a committee of Sarnia City Council, is an organization dedicated to the development of a first-class trail system which will promote the health and safety of residents and visitors alike.

For more information about Bluewater Trails, visit their official website here.

For more information on the trails that Sarnia has to offer,  click here