Canada Day Parade 2018.

Festivals and events have continuously played an important role in the development of Sarnia’s quality of life, local economic growth, and community identity. Festivals and events are interactive, exciting and rewarding experiences for everyone involved, and pay tribute to our unique cultural, recreational and community intitiatives. Planning an event requires an incredible amount of time and dedication, and involves the invaluable service of volunteers, community groups, and sponsors who bring their own support and skills towards enhancing these community events.

Planning a Festival or Event on Municipal Property

The management of festivals and events on municipal property requires the coordinated effort of City staff and additional affiliated agencies. Event Organizers will be informed on how to effectively use City resources to ensure safe event operation and adherence to applicable City by-laws, policies, permits and procedures. Planning and organizing assistance is provided to any community group, business, agency or citizen planning a festival or event on city-owned lands (ie. park or road allowance). If deemed necessary, Parks and Recreation will initiate the “one stop shop” process by arranging a meeting with the Recreation Coordinator and (where applicable) advisory staff from various City Departments and affiliated agencies to discuss event specifics.

To have your festival or event considered to be held on municipal property, the Event Organizer must adhere to the following procedures:

  1. Complete the Festival and Event Application Form below and return to the Sarnia Parks and Recreation Department.
  2. Read, sign and date the Terms & Conditions for Rental Agreement.
  3. A “notification letter” should accompany the Festival and Event Application Form with a brief description of the activities, history of, and special requests for your event.
  4. If upon receipt, review, and approval of your Festival and Event Application Form, you will be issued a Rental Contract/Permit which will include your rental costs and information, indicating that your festival or event date has been held.
  5. As of the first Tuesday in January, the Parks and Recreation Office will accept rental requests from the community based upon when they were received. (Please note: Annual users have priority.)
  6. Please contact the Recreation Coordinator to discuss any issues related to your festival or event (i.e. insurance, vendors, road closures, tent permits, etc.). Many of the forms pertaining to your festival or event can be found below, or picked up at the Parks and Recreation Department Office.
  7. Your Festival and Event Application Form and any applicable forms will be circulated to appropriate city departments and affiliated agencies for their notification, processing, and approval.
  8. Final approval for you to host your festival or event on municipal property will be determined by the Recreation Coordinator or designate.
  9. Our entire Festival and Event Policies and Procedures Manual can be downloaded below. A brief outline of this manual will be available for download in the coming weeks.

We thank you in advance for your support, and look forward to seeing you at all the exciting festivals and events taking place in our community!

Please forward inquiries to:
Rachel Veilleux, Recreation Coordinator II
City of Sarnia, Parks and Recreation Department
255 North Christina St.
Sarnia, ON N7T 7N2
519-332-0330 Extension 3210