As the City of Sarnia has moved into Stage 3 of reopening, more people are gathering, returning to work, moving around the city and using public transit. Naturally, more people in public at any given time will make physical distancing (remaining 6 ft apart from others at all times) more challenging, and in some

As of July 31, 2020 wearing a face covering is required in public indoor spaces in the City of Sarnia under the Mandatory Face Coverings By-law .The new by-law requires a face covering be worn in all enclosed public spaces in the city, including all City of Sarnia facilities and public transit. cases impossible.

Wearing face coverings indoors helps us keep our respiratory droplets to ourselves to prevent spreading germs to others. There is evidence that cloth masks can reduce the spread of respiratory droplets into the air and landing on surfaces. Visit for more information. 

How to Safely Wear a Mask:

Frequently asked questions for non-medical face coverings and masks
Non-Medical Face Coverings and Masks

Remember, wearing a non-medical mask or face covering alone will not prevent the spread of COVID-19. You must also wash your hands often, practise physical distancing and stay home if you are sick.

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