Please be advised that a Public Hearing of Sarnia City Council will be held on MONDAY, OCTOBER 16th, 2023, at 1:00 PM to consider the following Planning Act application:

Application(s): OPA No. 1 and ZBA No. 2-2023-85 of 2002
Applicant: Chez Black Developments
Agent: B. M. Ross Inc. Ltd
Location: 927 Exmouth Street, City of Sarnia.

The applicant proposes to demolish the existing single detached dwelling and accessory structures on the subject property which would then be developed into a five-storey apartment building with 30 dwelling units.


Each storey is proposed to have six dwelling units, with an area of 59.5 m2 containing two bedrooms, a kitchen, great room, bathroom, and storage areas. Access to each unit will be provided by an exterior hallway at the front of the building.

The building is proposed to contain both front and rear accesses to a sidewalk along Indian Road North and the parking area behind the building. In addition, it will be located at the north-west section of the site, with entrance on the west frontage of the property on Indian Road North.


The building will be serviced by an existing 150mm sewer service and a new 150mm water service. Stormwater runoff will be captured within the proposed parking lot at the rear of the building through catch basins and discharged to the 150mm storm services on the site to the storm sewer on Exmouth Street.

Garbage Disposal

Garbage is proposed to be stored inside the building, but will be placed south of the building on pick-up days (located in an area sited beside the building and screened from adjacent streets).

Access and Parking

The designated entrance and exit are proposed to be placed on Exmouth Street, with a right-out only exit onto Indian Road North beside the building. Thirty parking spaces are proposed for the apartment building and a loading area will be provided at the side of the building.


A subsequent site plan agreement will be required to implement the proposal.

Additional Information

Additional information for 937 Exmouth Street including a Planning Justification Report, Functional Servicing Report, Traffic Impact Study, Conceptual Site Plan, and Conceptual Floor Plan were submitted with this application and can be viewed here:

All documents submitted for any of the above application can also be obtained by contacting the Planning Department, Community Services Division at 519-332-0330 ext. 3289.

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Planning Act Appeal Information

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Collection of Personal Information

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