October 26, 2023 – The Treasurer, after careful consideration and consultation, is of the opinion that it is impractical to complete the sales related to the properties previously advertised with a tender opening date of November 7, 2023.

The Sale of Land by Public Tender has been postponed in accordance with the Municipal Act, 2001, Ontario Regulation 181/03, Municipal Tax Sale Rules, Section 22(1). This section is as follows:

22. (1) If, after a public sale under the Act is advertised in accordance with section 5 or 13, as the case may be, the treasurer is of the opinion that completing the sale would be impractical or would be unfair to the bidders or tenderers, the treasurer may postpone the sale and conduct it on a later date after readvertising it in accordance with section 5 or 13, as the case may be.  O. Reg. 580/06, s. 3; O. Reg. 571/17, s. 10.

If any tenders are received, they will be returned to the tenderers with the appropriate deposits and a statement setting out the reason for the return, as per section 22.1(b).

A rescheduled Tax Sale may be advertised once details are available on the City of Sarnia web site www.sarnia.ca/living-here/my-taxes/tax-sales/.

POSTPONED – Roll #38 29 400 004 04800, PIN 43270-0050 (LT) SOUTH 35 FT LT 10 E/S CHRISTINA ST PL 16 ½ SARNIA CITY; NORTH 12 FT LT 11 E/S CHRISTINA ST PL 16 ½; CITY OF SARNIA; municipally known as 260 Christina Street South, Sarnia

POSTPONED – Roll #38 29 300 019 02800; PIN 43192-0042 (LT) LT 11 PL 281 SARNIA CITY; SARNIA; municipally known as 789 Highway Drive West, Sarnia

CANCELLED – Roll #38 29 200 015 21700; PIN 43149-0100 (LT) LT 63 PL 466; SARNIA; municipally known as 1407 Severin Drive North, Sarnia

POSTPONED – Roll #38 29 400 003 08000; PIN 43269-0094 (LT) PT LT 4 BLK VICTORIA PL 9 SARNIA CITY AS IN L863816; S/T EXECUTION 05-0000513, IF ENFORCEABLE; SARNIA; municipally known as 108 Victoria Street South, Sarnia

Tax Sale rules are legislated by provincial legislation. The following web site http://www.e-laws.gov.on.ca contains the Municipal Act, 2001, and Ontario Regulation 181/03 Municipal Tax Sale Rules.

For further information, please contact:

Ronda McIntyre, Tax Analyst
finance@sarnia.ca  or 519-332-0330 ext. 3253