What if I don’t have cellular data?
You can request a ride through the app if you have Wi-Fi. Provided that there is a cell phone number for your account, an SMS text will be sent, letting you know when the vehicle is on its way.

Can I board without having pre-booked my ride?
Yes, if you are at the Northgate Terminal transfer point and you are travelling into the on-demand service area, you do not have to pre-book, however, you may be subject to wait times.

How many people can I include in my ride request?
You can book a ride for numerous rides, depending on capacity availability.

Can I cancel my ride?

Yes, you can cancel in the app right up to the point when the vehicle
arrives to pick you up. However, we encourage you to cancel your ride
as soon as you can, to free up capacity for other riders.

Is my ride assured?
Yes – your ride is assured once you receive the confirmation message that your trip has been booked.

How will I know when I will be picked up?
The Rides on Demand app will let you know when and where to meet the driver. You will be able to see the pickup location on the map and walking directions will help you get to the right spot. When the vehicle is headed your way, you’ll be able to see it on the map and know exactly when to meet the driver based on real-time information.

How will I know when I will be dropped off?

When you request a ride, the app will provide the promised drop off time before you confirm the ride. Depending on how many additional riders are picked up
during your journey, you may arrive earlier than the scheduled time.