Corporate Strategic Plan 2017-2020

Sarnia: The Place You Want to Be!

Sarnia City Council approved the Corporate Strategic Plan on March 20, 2017.  The Plan was developed in collaboration with the Public, City Staff and Council.

Our MISSION: Strength through collaborative leadership.

Our VISION: Sarnia, the place you want to be!

Continuous Improvement
Integrity & Accountability

Our 4 Strategic Priorities:

  1. Economic Innovation
  2. High Quality of Life & Caring for all Citizens
  3. Responsible Financial Management
  4. Corporate Excellence & Leadership 

Thank you to all who contributed to this important direction-setting document.

Annual Report Cards

A cross-departmental Internal Strategic Planning Working Group was formed in 2017 and meets monthly to discuss and track the work being completed in the implementation stage of the Corporate Strategic Plan.  The annual report cards are designed to complement and be an extension of the plan and provide a snapshot of the City’s accomplishments.