Looking to volunteer?

SPARK Ontario

Visit Volunteer Coordinator’s Association of Sarnia Lambton’s website.

The Government of Ontario is partnering with SPARK Ontario to help seniors and the most vulnerable stay connected and healthy as they self isolate during the COVID-19 outbreak.

SPARK Ontario is the province’s first bilingual volunteer hub designed to direct volunteers to where they are needed most. The needs of each community vary, but groups across the province are looking for volunteers to help deliver food or medicines, run errands or check-up on seniors and the most vulnerable by phone or email while they self-isolate.

Volunteer organizations can visit www.sparkontario.ca to post volunteer opportunities available in their communities. Ontarians interested in volunteering are encouraged to check the website for opportunities to make a difference where they live. Seniors, people with disabilities, and others in need of assistance can also be connected to essential services in their community at any time by visiting www.211ontario.ca or by dialing 211 or 1-877-330-3212 (toll free). TTY service is also available by dialing 1-888-340-1001.

The government is partnering with SPARK Ontario (www.sparkontario.ca) to encourage volunteers to assist Meals on Wheels and other programs in need of support. The program will also develop the capacity of community organizations and others to help deliver medication and other essentials. Seniors, persons with disabilities and people with underlying medical conditions, their families or caregivers can access delivery services by visiting www.ontariocommunitysupport.ca

Festivals & Events Volunteering

Volunteers are the backbone behind any successful special event. They dedicate countless hours providing the ideas, the resources and the energy to host a successful event.

There are many reasons to volunteer: Help build a strong community; Become involved in your community; Try something different; Share your experiences; Explore new challenges; Meet new people; Learn new skills; Mandatory hours; Gain experience and have fun.

The Parks and Recreation department recruits volunteers for several Waterfront Programs.

Kids Funfest (June)
The Kids Funfest Committee meets once a month to offer ideas and suggestions on activities for children by drawing from their experiences during their volunteer work, employment or educational opportunities.

Areas requiring input include promotion and advertising, sponsorship opportunities, activities and program suggestions, ideas for interested groups or individuals, the site plan and brochure, participation fees and much more.

As time and talent permits Committee members take on areas of responsibilities they are either familiar with or interested in taking on. Volunteers are also recruited from the community to help Committee members implement the Festival in June.

Children’s Workshops (July and August)
Volunteers will assist staff and/or Resource Persons to introduce children to a variety of activities and workshops in a fun and educational environment at the Bandshell in Canatara.

For volunteer inquiries please contact:
Parks and Recreation at 519-332-0330 or parksandrecreation@sarnia.ca.