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Donations in relation to Port Huron Floatdown

By City Staff

At the unsanctioned Port Huron Floatdown that occurred on August 21, 2016, strong wind conditions caused a large number of people to be driven ashore on the Canadian side of the St. Clair River in the City of Sarnia.

Under the leadership of Inspector Doug Warn, a very successful rescue effort was coordinated with Sarnia Police, Sarnia Transit, Sarnia Fire and Rescue, and Lambton Emergency Management Services to collect and transport US citizens back to America in cooperation with both the US and Canadian Coast Guard and Border Authorities. City Parks and Recreation staff assisted with clean-up of debris on the waterfront the following Monday.

Mr. Joe Wiedenbeck from Marysville, Michigan graciously created an online GoFundMe donation account and asked that people donate to cover the costs of providing rescue, return bussing to the US, and clean-up costs. Sarnia City Council subsequently directed staff to allocate the funds for further donation. 

On closing out the account and facilitating the cross-border transfer, the proceeds from the GoFundMe donations and additional donations were received by the City in the amount of $5246 Canadian (net of GoFundMe administrative fees). The City has issued a donation for all funds received in relation to the Port Huron Floatdown, equally to the Canadian Red Cross, Sarnia-Lambton Branch and The Salvation Army, Port Huron Chapter. 

This article was posted Wednesday, November 2, 2016 9:30 AM

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