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Centennial Park Project Update - Underground Work Complete

By City Staff

From:         J. P. André Morin, City Engineer

The Centennial Park project has finished another major milestone with the completion of underground electrical, water, and sanitation work.

“The Ministry is satisfied with the progress being made by the City to remediate the park and do it in a manner that is protective of the environment and the community,” states Michael Moroney, District Manager, Ministry of Environment and Climate Change.

Lambton Public Health continues to be involved as a stakeholder in the process and has no current concerns with the underground work.

“All the underground work is complete and in the coming weeks citizens will start seeing lots of material moving into and around the park as major visual changes begin,” explains Joe Boothe, Superintendent, Environmental Services for the City of Sarnia.

Unforeseen conditions onsite and the contamination in the soil created unpredictable impairment to the existing infrastructure and impeded planned construction procedures. Due to this, the following unplanned work was required:

  • sanitary sewer servicing Harbour/Seaway Road as well as Centennial Park required a complete replacement and alignment 
  • hydro duct servicing the main buildings onsite required replacement
  • undocumented watermains/servicing in the park resulted in a significant watermain break affecting businesses on Harbour/Seaway Road and productivity within the construction site
  • very poor soil quality and the general characteristics of the site complicated the repairs causing excavations to be larger than the typical size trenches for such works.  It is not uncommon for soil quality to dictate increased costs and delays with these types of associated works.

Staff directed the contractor to complete these additional works immediately to respond to the impairments, minimize impact on customers, and minimize impact to the construction schedule.

The new watermain and sanitary sewer works have been provided outside of the most heavily contaminated areas of fill in the park, and will provide upgraded, more reliable and improved  servicing, as well as better fire protection (pressure and flow) for the new park amenities as well as all the restaurants and other businesses along Harbour Road and Seaway Road.

The contractor has indicated that they will provide additional resources and work longer days and weekends in an attempt to complete as much of the project as reasonably possible. 

Within the coming weeks a significant amount of material will be moving into and around the park as major visual changes occur. The park will undergo the implementation of a geotextile membrane beneath the soil surface to separate old contaminated soil from new uncontaminated soil. New soil will be laid and the surface will be revegetated with grass, native plants, and trees.

Major upcoming project milestones include:

  • the protection of the shoreline with an armour stone wall
  • reconstruction of the site services building (formerly known as the Dow People Place)
  • reintegration of the Footsteps of Courage
  • reintegration of the Victims of Chemical Valley Memorial Missing Worker Sculpture
  • installation of playground equipment
  • park layout utilizing crime prevention through environmental design features identified by Sarnia Police Services
  • land contouring
  • healing garden
  • further park revitalization works

This article was posted Friday, October 21, 2016 11:53 AM

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