City Administration Division

The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) is responsible for managing and guiding the administrative and statutory functions of the Corporation. The City Administration Division is responsible for the Office of the CAO, Clerk’s, and Economic Development. The CAO directly oversees the City Divisions.

Chris Carter, Chief Administrative Officer

Engineering & Operations Division

The Engineering & Operations Division is comprised of an Engineering Department (construction, traffic/development, infrastructure), a Public Works Department (roads, water, sewer), an Operations Department (WPCC, Environmental, and Garbage/Recycling) and Sarnia Transit. 

The Public Works Department is responsible for roads and street maintenance, fleet, waste management, sanitary sewer maintenance, pump station maintenance, Water Pollution Control Centre, Bright’s Grove Lagoon, bio-solids, sewer and water, storm sewer maintenance, water distribution, stormwater management facilities and spills response. Located at 651 Devine St.

Sarnia Transit operates and maintains 22 buses on the conventional transit system and 7 specialized vehicles on the Care-a-Van service. Located at 1169 Michener Road

David Jackson, General Manager of Engineering & Operations

Corporate Services Division

The Corporate Services Division is responsible for Customer Service, Information Technology, Finance, Human Resources, Communications, Legal Services, and Emergency Management.

The Finance Department includes the Accounting & Budgeting, Purchasing, and Property Taxation divisions. Finance is responsible for the administration of the financial activities of the City in accordance with Provincial legislation and regulations.

David Stockdale, General Manager of Corporate Services

Community Services Division

The Community Services Division is comprised of a Planning Department, Building & By-law Services Department and Parks & Facility Operations Department.

The Parks and Facilities Operations Department provides a range of services including: parks, pathways and trails planning and maintenance; arenas operations and maintenance; recreation programming activities; the Strangway Centre and other venues; waterfront programming; event and festival liaison support and programming; sports fields operations and maintenance; horticulture and arboriculture (urban forestry), pools and sportsfields and City owned facilities; and support to the Sarnia Andy S. Brandt Marina.  They are responsible for property services including City Hall, Lochiel Kiwanis Centre and three library branches.

Stacey Forfar, General Manager of Community Services

Fire and Rescue Services

Sarnia Fire Rescue Services serves the Sarnia community by the provision of fire protection services within the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, 1997, which includes the delivery of fire suppression, rescue, emergency services (Medical Tiered Response), fire prevention and fire life safety education.

Bryan Van Gaver, Fire Chief