• The OLG is responsible for conduct and manage, and works with the OCGA and Operator of the Gaming Site
  • The Municipality determines eligibility and monitors use of proceeds that give back to the local community
  • Funds transferred electronically into the charities bank account each month based on the number of assignments attended
  • One of the best fundraising opportunities per volunteer hour
  • The OLG is responsible for conduct and manage, and works with the OCGA and Operator of the Gaming Site

Role of Volunteers:

(Training is provided (approximately an hour))

  • Are in the gaming centre contributing to customer service
  • Assist gaming centre staff
  • Customer Service
  • Calling back Bingo wins
  • New Player ambassadors
  • Help keep environment tidy
  • Do not sell any gaming product
  • Do not handle Cash
  • Do not need to be bingo experts
  • Do not have to do any game reports
  • Promote awareness of their charity
  • Required Dress Code


Role of Charities:

Apply to the City of Sarnia for Permit (licence)

  • No fees
  • Must use funds for direct community benefit
    • Monthly Report on use of approved proceeds
  • Provide volunteers based on dates/times provided in the schedule
    • Only two Volunteers required
    • Two-hour assignments (approx.) – not session based
    • Pool of 6-10 volunteers is ideal
  • Support and Promote the partnership with the centre
    • Participation Requirements

The following Link is a tool for Charities. It is for the Sarnia Gaming Association. You can find some useful information for reporting, compliance, as well as assignment schedules. https://sarniagamingassociation.ca/

Process if interested:

  • Eligibility for Charitable Organizations – Contact City of Sarnia
  • Complete requests for additional paperwork / application process
  • Apply for Permit – City of Sarnia
  • Placement in Gaming Centre Association / Location
  • New separate bank account required (cGaming funds only)
  • Receive a schedule for volunteer assignments
  • Receive, read and agree to Policies and Standards
  • Send volunteers to training (sessions are provided regularly)
  • Schedule volunteers
  • Use funds on approved community programs and services
  • Monthly report on use of funds to City of Sarnia
  • Bank reconciliation with substantiation
  • Reports can be sent electronically to cgaming@sarnia.ca

For further information, please contact Customer Service at 519-332-0330 Extension 3350 or customerservice@sarnia.ca