Catch the Ace progressive (accumulation jackpot) raffle lottery is a multiple draw game in which participants purchase tickets for a chance to win:

  • A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of tickets for one draw and;
  • The draw winner also gets a chance to win a progressive (cumulative) jackpot by selecting a new card from a standard deck of 52 playing cards

Prize Structure

  • 20% of event tickets sales awarded to the bearer of the winning ticket at each draw
  • 30% of  event tickets sales allocated to the progressive jackpot
  • 50% of event tickets sales retaining by the licensee and from which all allowable expenses will be paid

Municipal Requirements

  • A $10,000 Letter of Credit or certified cheque is to be submitted with the complete application.
  • If prize board goes above the $10,000 – an amendment will have to be made in $10,000.00 increments to the Letter of Credit to a maximum of $30,000.00
  • Licence fee is 3% of total prize value – due after the final draw- at the time Letter of Credit or Certified cheque will be returned to Organization
  • Example of tickets sales – Maximum gross sales is $1923.00 per event – regardless of price of ticket – (at $2 total tickets sold would be 961)
  • Should have contingency plan – if snow storm, power outage, etc.
  • 5 Business days for any amendments – to be submitted in writing only
  • Cannot run in conjunction with any other draw – only cash calendars or Blanket Raffles are allowed to run in conjunction with Catch the Ace.
  • No other lottery sales at the place of draw. i.e. Charity cannot sell Nevada tickets/meat raffles same night the Catch the Ace draw is taking place.
  • Maximum tickets per person must be in rules of play
  • If draw becomes larger more details could be required for security and exit strategy
  • Rip tickets sold only at day of event
  • Stub tickets can be sold in advance

Guide: Catch the Ace | Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (