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If you are in the planning stages of considering running an Electronic Raffle, please read the information below, as it pertains to all eligible lottery groups.

Anyone wishing to provide services related to the conduct of a licensed event is required to be registered with the AGCO under the Gaming Control Act.

Charities seeking to use an electronic gaming solution in the conduct and management of a lottery scheme must satisfy themselves that:

  • any potential gaming supplier is registered
  • the solution, including the features they would like to use, is approved by the Registrar
  • the related approval terms and conditions are met

For a full list of Electronic Raffle suppliers and solutions approved visit:

Additional information on Electronic Raffles is available online:

Electronic Raffles: Findings Report

Developing a Regulatory Framework for Electronic Raffles in Ontario

Electronic Raffle Operational Terms and Conditions

Electronic Raffle Solution Review Form


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