The City of Sarnia, like other municipalities in Ontario, will be impacted by climate change. The Climate Change Action Plan and Implementation Strategy is the product of a collaborative effort to identify and provide practical solutions to the risks and challenges that climate change poses to the City.

By implementing the actions contained in this plan, the City is taking a proactive approach to combat climate change and minimize its impacts on our community. By acting on climate change, the City is working to ensure that Sarnia remains a safe and sustainable place to live, work, and play.

4 Key Community Pillars

The adaptation plan and mitigation actions were placed into 4 key Community Pillars that will outline high level objectives and action Items creating a foundation for a more resilient Sarnia into the future. The plan will include implementation timelines and resources required to enable the completion of the action items.

  1. Natural Environment – Parks, Open Spaces, Natural & Protected Areas
  2. Flooding – Stormwater Management, Overland & Erosion
  3. Emergency Preparedness & Response
  4. GHG Emissions – Buildings, Energy, Transportation & Waste Diversion

The plan is an important tool that will be used to directly support issues related to the Community Pillars and to ensure the impacts of climate change in our community are addressed proactively. Building a resilient community is the top priority!

View the City of Sarnia’s Climate Change Action Plan & Implementation Strategy