What if I lose my Smart Card?

Visit http://sarnia.usetransit.com

  • Go to Transit Accounts and click on “Report Card Lost/ Stolen Cards”
  • Enter your Smart Card ID and click on “Next Step” as shown below. In case you do not remember or have your Smart Card ID, you can find it on the “Report Card Lost/Stolen” screen
  • After you click “Confirm”, the locations for Smart Card Pickup are displayed. You will have to select one of the listed Municipal Service Centre locations
  • Once you select the municipal location, the card that is reported lost will be blocked.

Once a card has been blocked, there is no way to activate it again and will remain blocked.

Contact Customer Service at 519-332-0330 Ext 3131 for one of our team members to assist you with cancelling the card and ordering a new one.