UseTransit provides users with the ability to manage their account details, ensuring their information is up-to-date and secure. Here’s how users can update various aspects of their account, such as contact information, password, and shipping address. After logging into UseTransit, customers can navigate to My Account to update their account settings. 

Updating the Email Address

Customers may wish to periodically update the email address that they have used to create their UseTransit account with. Customers can always update their email address by logging into UseTransit and navigating to My Account. From My Account, click to update the Email Address field and update it to the desired new email address. UseTransit will send the following verification emails:

  1. A verification email to the current email address. The customer must have access to their current email address and click on the verification link once they receive this verification email.
  2. If the customer has successfully verified their current email address, UseTransit will send a second verification email to their new email address. The customer must click on the verification link once they receive this second verification email.

Notification Settings

Customers can manage their optional notification settings. Note that certain types of notifications cannot be opted out of due to the security or financial aspect (e.g. product purchases, account changes, etc). 

Shipping Address

Customers can manage their shipping address(es).