February 15, 2024 — The City of Sarnia is looking to business owners and residents for their input as it reviews the existing regulations and licensing requirements for refreshment vehicles.

The City is currently reviewing its Business Licensing By-Law as it relates to refreshment vehicles such as food trucks, with a specific focus on where such vehicles are permitted to operate within the community. Changes to the by-law could possibly expand the locations such vehicles could be licensed to operate, particularly on private property.

“We’re looking identify if the current regulations  remain relevant and to proceed with  any appropriate amendments before the summer season,” said City Clerk Amy Burkhart.

The Business Licensing By-law requires that refreshment vehicles be licensed with the City and restricts them from operating within 180 metres of each other, and from operating within 90 metres of existing restaurants.

Residents can learn more and complete at short survey by March 7 at www.speakupsarnia.ca/FoodTrucks.