January 11, 2024 — With the increasing popularity of e-bike use, the City of Sarnia is looking to residents for their insight as it reviews the by-law governing the use of such vehicles on trails and pathways.

The City is currently reviewing its Traffic and Parking By-Law, with a specific focus on the future use of e-bikes on trails and paths in the community. The by-law currently prohibits the use of e-bikes — power-assisted bicycles with pedals that can utilize an electric motor — on trails and paths. E-bikes are permitted on City roads under the Highway Traffic Act.

“The review is an opportunity to investigate how our current by-law reflects the needs of changing transportation modes, ensuring that the by-law continues to protect public safety and interests while permitting new transportation technologies that promote active lifestyles where possible,” said Manager of Development and Transportation Alister Brown, adding, “as part of the review we are looking to the public to ensure that any contemplated changes reflect their needs into the future.”

While e-bikes offer advantages as a relatively affordable and environmentally-friendly mode of transport, the City is examining any potential conflicts that could arise from their use of trails and paths.

Residents can learn more about e-bikes and provide their insight by completing a short survey at www.speakupsarnia.ca/e-bikes by 4 p.m. on February 2, 2024.