March 8, 2023 — In an effort to ensure riders make transfers and reach destinations on time, Sarnia Transit will introduce a new, 40-minute schedule on March 19.

Sarnia transit has historically operated its transit schedule based on a 30-minute round-trip time frame for bus routes. When these times were established, it was a realistic timeframe to complete routes. Compounding changes over the last number of years — including increased number of stops; longer routes; and loading time requirements for increased ridership — have made meeting the 30-minute time frame no longer possible.

Following public engagement and Council approval, the City has opted to move forward with a cost-effective solution, specifically, a move to a 40-minute schedule for bus routes. Starting March 19 most buses will leave from terminals every 40 minutes and take 40 minutes to reach their destination.

“This is really about providing our riders with consistency in service, so they can reliably make transfers to other buses or reach their destinations in time for appointments, work, and other deadlines,” said Transit Manager Michelle Carter.

While bus routes will not change, there will be impacts to the times buses depart and arrive. Ahead of implementing the new schedule on March 19, the City has made the newly-revised schedule available online.

Riders can find more information related to the new schedule at