The purpose of this protocol is to provide guidelines concerning the siting of Federally licensed towers and antennas within the City of Sarnia. These guidelines are intended to safe guard legitimate concerns regarding land use. They can assist telecommunication applicants to implement radio infrastructure and give due consideration to local land use plans and specific environmentally sensitive areas. Mutual co-operation between the City of Sarnia and the applicant will result in the provision of new and enhanced wireless services to the community while minimizing the impact of necessary associated telecommunication infrastructure.

The primary intent of the protocol is to outline the approach which must be followed within the City of Sarnia by applicants proposing telecommunication antenna structures. The process is intended to balance the local land use interests with that of bringing enhanced wireless telecommunications services to Sarnia.

The consultation process attempts to resolve concerns at the local level, however, participation by the City in this process does not transfer any federal decision-making authority, nor does it confer a right of veto in the location of the telecommunication facility. Local By-laws cannot prevent a telecommunication facility from being built as Industry Canada has the final authority over them under the Radiocommunication Act.