Why not enjoy Canada Day and some active transportation while you are at it?

In an effort to promote active transportation the City is installing temporary bi-directional bike lanes in two locations, expanding our existing networks of bike lanes on Canada Day.

With the Bluewater Trails Committee operating a bike coral at Canatara Park, it’s never been easier to cycle your way into Canada Day. Don’t forget to decorate your bike!

Consult the map below for temporary and permanent bike lane locations, in addition to the corral at Canatara Park. You can also learn more about designated routes below.

Designated routes

You can use the full cycling network to make your way to and from Canada Day. Special red and white signage will be set up along two designated routes, marking the best path to Canatara Park from the Howard Watson Nature Trail and downtown.

Howard Watson Nature Trail designated route

Get to Canatara Park via bike from the trail:

  1. From the nature trail get on the temporary bike lane on Michigan Avenue
  2. Continue on the permanent bike lane on Michigan Avenue
  3. Enter the park and use the multi-use trail to get to the bike corral

Downtown designated route

Get to Canatara park via bike from downtown:

  1. Take the closed portion of Front Street (London to Exmouth) north
  2. Continue north on existing multi-use path along Front Street
  3. Continue to Michigan and into the park