October 5 Public Meeting Details

You can join the meeting by:

1. Dial +1-855-703-8985 (Toll-Free)
2. Enter the Meeting ID: 875 8762 5610

Zoom Application
Click the link below to join the meeting.
Meeting ID: 875 8762 5610

Please note, your video will be disabled, and your audio will be muted upon joining the meeting. The moderator will unmute your line when it is your turn to speak during the public portion of the meeting.



Please be advised that a Virtual Public Meeting of City Council is scheduled for Monday, October 5, 2020 at 12:00 noon. Details on how to view and / or participate in this meeting are available on the City’s website at www.virtualsarnia.ca


Public Meeting - Sign Up

Fill out your information below. Once the application is submitted, you will be immediately emailed the details of the meeting.
  • Please select the application you wish to speak on.
  • If you enter an email and do not receive a confirmation within one hour after submission, please check your spam folder. If you receive nothing, please contact the City Hall at 519-332-0330, and ask to speak to the Planning Department.

For additional information on current City projects and Active Development applications visit https://www.speakupsarnia.ca.