TAKE NOTICE THAT the Council of The Corporation of the City of Sarnia adopted Amendment No. 3 to the City of Sarnia Official Plan on the 12th day of February 2024 through the enactment of By-law 5 of 2024 in accordance with Sections 17 and 21 of the Planning Act, as amended.

The Area 2 Secondary Plan is approximately 570 hectares in size and consists of the lands bounded by the Canadian National Railway to the south, Highway 40 to the west, Blackwell Sideroad to the east, and London Line to the north, as identified on Schedule 5A – Land Use.

Purpose and Effect
The purpose of this Secondary Plan is to amend the City of Sarnia’s Official Plan to include the lands within Area 2 and to provide those lands with an up-to-date policy framework that will appropriately guide their future development over the time horizon of the Official Plan. The Area 2 Secondary Plan is to be fully integrated with the City of Sarnia Official Plan, and as such, all of the relevant policies of the Official Plan shall apply to the lands within Area 2 unless specifically added or modified by this Secondary Plan.

The Secondary Plan implements the principles and policies of the City of Sarnia Official Plan to guide development within Area 2, including Council’s direction with respect to the converted City-owned lands south of Wellington Street done through the Official Plan update in 2022. In addition, the Council changed the proposed designation of the Western Sarnia-Lambton Research Park on Schedule 5A – Land Use from Prestige Employment and Prestige Employment Special Policy Area to General Employment.

The amendment deletes the existing Schedule “5” Area 2 Secondary Plan from the Official Plan and replaces it with Schedule “5A” Area 2 Secondary Plan – Land Use Plan, Schedule “5B” Area 2 Secondary Plan Natural Heritage System and Schedule “5C” Area 2 Secondary Plan – Roads and Active Transportation Plan.

The amendment also deletes Section 5.8 Area 2 Secondary Plan from the Official Plan and replaces it with a new Section 5.8 as outlined in the amendment.

Written and Oral Submissions
Council in making its decision on these matters took into consideration all written and oral comments received on the applications.

Public Access to Information
For more information or to review the Council-adopted Area 2 Secondary Plan, visit https://www.speakupsarnia.ca/development-area-2, contact the Planning Department, Community Services Division, 3rd Floor, City Hall, 255 Christina Street North, Sarnia during business hours (Tel. 519 332- 0330); or email planning@sarnia.ca.

Approval Process
The Area 2 Secondary Plan, as adopted by Sarnia City Council, is being forwarded to the County of Lambton (the approval authority) for approval.
Any person or public body will be entitled to receive notice of the approval authority’s decision if a written request to be notified of the decision (including the person’s or public body’s address, fax number, or email address) is made to the approval authority.

Requests Should Be Sent To
The Corporation of the County of Lambton
Planning & Development Services
PO Box 3000
789 Broadway Street Wyoming, ON N0N 1T0
E-mail: planning@county-lambton.on.ca Telephone: 519 845-0801
Fax: 519 845-3817