March 3, 2023 — Property owners on newly-developed streets may notice contractors marking locations of utilities on their properties ahead of planting new boulevard trees in the early spring.

Contractors will be marking the locations with flags and/or paint over the next four to six weeks to ensure when trees are planted utilities are not impacted. Location marking and planting of trees on City-owned boulevards will take place in the areas of:

  • Ferdinands Crescent
  • Essex Street
  • Chrisvale Boulevard
  • Gianluca Avenue
  • Kamal Drive
  • Magnolia Lane
  • Mead Court
  • Molinari Street
  • Nicholas Street
  • Sandpiper Drive
  • Nicholas subdivision

Tree planting is targeted for early spring, with 138 trees planned for planting on City-owned land in front of residences. The City requires boulevard trees in new developments as part of ongoing efforts to expand the urban canopy, providing shade and reducing flooding during heavy rain events.

The City plants a variety of native tree species ranging in size, selecting tree species based on their fit and ability to thrive in the location’s space and soil.

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