Eligible fares that can be loaded onto the smart card include:

Monthly Bus Pass
valid for 30 days upon initial use
Seniors Pass
valid for 30 days upon initial use
Weekly Pass 
valid for 7 days upon initial use
Summer Savings
valid from July 1st – August 31st
High School/Elementary
active student number and school name must be provided
valid per semester
College Semester 
active student card number & time table required
valid per semester
Yearly Pass
valid for 1 year upon initial use
CNIB Pass 
valid CNIB card required

Obtain a Smart Card

Smart Cards can be purchased at several locations throughout the City. Learn more about obtaining a Smart Card.

First Time Use

Upon initial tap, you will receive a “New Pass Activation” slip. This will commence the start date of the pass (example…monthly pass will start for 1 month the date the card is first tapped on the bus)

Low balance Indicator

If you tap your smart card and the balance on the account (if you have a cash balance) will auto print a “low balance Indicator” when it reaches $6.00, $3.00 & $0.00

To reload a product on your linked Smart Card follow these steps:

  1. Log in to sarnia.usetransit.com
  2. Click “Transit Accounts” from the left menu
  3. Click “+ Add New Product” on the linked Smart Card on your user account
  4. Click “+ Select” on the type of fare product you would like to load
  5. Click “+ Select this Card” next to your preferred Payment Card.
  6. Click “Purchase”.