The following information must be submitted in writing before any decision can be made with regard to the issuance of a lottery licence:

1. How long has your organization been operating?

2. Is your Organization incorporated? Registered as a Charity?

3. How many members does your group have?

4. How does someone become a member of your organization?

5. Names and addresses of all executive members and/or Board of Directors of the organization and names of all members.

6. When did your board of directors last meet and where would the minutes/agendas be found?

7. Preceding years operating budget, including all sources ofrevenues and expenses.

8. For what purposes are the lottery funds being raised? i.e. Who will benefit? Use of proceeds must be consistent with the primary objects and purposes of the organization.

9. Name, address and telephone number of the person (s) who will be held responsible for the proper operation of the lottery and their position/duties in the organization.

10. Please provide a copy of your Constitution, By-Laws, etc., outlining the purpose of your organization and the rules and regulations for membership. For further clarification to establish if your organization would qualify, please refer to the The Alcohol and Gaming Commission Policy Manual