The City of Sarnia offers residents and visitors the opportunity to enjoy a variety of pathways and trails throughout the city. These pathways and trails can help to fill a warm summer evening or a cool winter day. Residents and visitors can hike, walk or cycle on more than 100km of Lambton County trails.For more information on trails in the city of Sarnia, please visit: Bluewater Trails Lambton County Trails

Bluewater Trails

The Howard Watson Trail, part of the Bluewater Trails network of trails, runs 16 km. from Sarnia to Camlachie (at Mandaumin). No motorized vehicles are allowed.

Until 1967, the Howard Watson trail was a rail line owned by CN Rail. From 1967 to 1982 it lay unused until a forward thinking Councillor by the name of Howard Watson approached Lambton Wildlife Inc (LWI) querying whether there would be interest in the land as a potential hiking trail. After extraordinary effort by many individuals, we now enjoy the current day natural trail known as The Howard Watson Trail.

The Bluewater Trails Committee, the caretakers of the trail, was formed in 1999. Its job is to oversee trails throughout Sarnia including The Howard Watson Trail. The committee is run by volunteers, one city council representative and two city staff.

Mission Statement: Bluewater Trails, a committee of Sarnia (City) Council, is an organization dedicated to the development of a first class trail system which will promote the health and safety of residents and visitors alike.

Be Safe, Be Seen, Be Courteous- Trail Etiquette

Stay Right
– Always keep to the right of the trail, particularly if you are traveling at a slower speed.
Pass Safely
– Always pass others on their left.
– Cyclists must use their bell or give a friendly, verbal warning before passing another cyclist or pedestrian.
– Cyclists should keep their speed low when passing pedestrians.
Keep Your Distance
– Respect the space of others. Maintain at least two metres, or one bike length, between yourself and those not in your household.
– Be extra cautious when cycling around older adults, children and pets.
Be Aware of Others
– When approaching a sharp turn on your bike that obstructs your view, approach slowly, use your bell or give a verbal warning and proceed when clear to do so.
– Don’t block the trail. If stopping for a break, pull off to the side or off of the trail completely, allowing trail traffic to continue safely.
– Make sure that you can hear what’s going on around you, especially while you’re listening to music, talking or texting on your phone, or chatting with your walking buddy.
– Keep your dog on-leash and make sure they are well-behaved at all times.
Be Seen and Be Safe
– Make sure your bike has a light and reflectors that can be seen by others.
– Wear a bike helmet. In an accident, helmets greatly reduce the risk of injury or even death. While it is required for anyone under the age of 18 to wear a helmet while riding their bike, it is strongly recommended that everyone riding their bike wear a helmet.

For more information on trails in the city of Sarnia, please visit:
Bluewater Trails
Lambton County Trails