Automatic Reload (i.e. Auto Reload) is convenience feature that is available to contactless smart cards that are linked to a UseTransit account. Customers can enable the Auto Reload feature to automatically reload their smart card with a pre-selected fare product when the smart card’s balance, or fare product expiration, exceeds a threshold that they define. The following are common examples of how Auto Reload can be setup:

  1. Auto Reload $20 when the smart card e-purse balance falls below $5.
  2. Auto Reload 10 rides when the smart card rides balance falls below 3 rides.
  3. Auto Reload a One Month Pass when the current One Month Pass is about to expire.

Features of Auto Reload

Enable and disable at any timeAuto Reload can be enabled and disabled at any time
Available for all fare product typesAuto Reload can be made available for e-purse, ride and period pass fare products.
24 hours to cancelAuto Reload sends the customer a notification email when the threshold they set has been reached. The customer then has 24 hours to cancel Auto Reload before the purchase transaction is processed.

What’s Required to Setup Auto Reload

The following are required to setup Auto Reload:

  1. A UseTransit account.
  2. A transit account (e.g. smart card) that is linked to the UseTransit account.
  3. The transit account must be a type that has one or more products enabled for Auto Reload.
  4. The customer must have a Payment Card linked to their UseTransit account.

Types of Auto Reload

There are two types of Auto Reload are products – one for period pass fare products and another for e-purse or rides fare products. If a transit account has both types of fare products enabled for Auto Reload, then the customer can setup Auto Reload for both period pass fare products and for the e-purse or rides fare products. Each type of Auto Reload fare product has unique features which are described in the table below. 

Setting it up on the account

  1. Select the transit smart card to enable for Auto Reload and click the settings icon and select Auto Reload.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to select the fare product, threshold and payment card to use for Auto Reload
  3. Click Save.