The official corporate “City of Sarnia” social media channels are managed by City staff, making a genuine effort to provide timely information and the best possible customer service to residents.

To ensure that the conversation remains in good taste and a positive experience for everyone involved, comments, replies and all other content posted should be clean and respectful, in addition to being relevant and related to the posted topic on all City of Sarnia’s media outlets.

Unacceptable Content
Any content including but not limited to the following nature may be deleted and/or result in a ban of the account which posted:

  • Offensive, profane, hateful, insulting, rude, abusive, aggressive, violent, obscene, explicit, pornographic or sexual content;
  • Content that promotes, fosters or perpetuates discrimination on the basis of race, national or ethnic origin, age, creed, gender, marital status, socio-economic status, physical or mental disability, or sexual orientation;
  • Is for the purposes of promoting a candidate for municipal, provincial or federal election;
  • Personal attacks and/or defamatory statements;
  • Inflammatory statements;
  • Serious, unproven, unsupported, or inaccurate accusations;
  • Content for advertising/marketing purposes;
  • Content that conducts or encourages illegal activity;
  • Content that could compromise public safety, security or operations;
  • Content that may tend to compromise the safety or security of the public or public systems;
  • Content that impersonates or misrepresents someone else;
  • Content containing spam or posted by anonymous or robot accounts; and,
  • Unintelligible messages.

Response Time
The City’s social media channels are monitored during business hours: Monday–Friday, 8:30am–4:30pm. Staff aim to address all inappropriate comments (deemed so as per the above lists) within 8 business hours.

Please note that this turnaround time is impacted by staff availability and resources across the corporation, and there will be instances when a response may take more time. In addition, there are some situations that are best dealt directly with specific departmental staff, and responses may therefore provide relevant department contact information.

Steps Taken for Unacceptable Content

The following steps will be taken if content, comments or links are made that are deemed unacceptable on all City Social Media outlets:

Step 1: The City’s account will request removal (or remove directly if possible) the offensive comment/post/tweet, advising the offender that they will be blocked if the offensive content is not removed.

Step 2: If the City’s request does not result in the removal of the offensive content, the City will block the offending user. The City of Sarnia reserves the right to block/ban specific users from the City’s official social media channels whose activities do not comply with the Social Media Policy. For more information please contact

Note: The City may seek the assistance of the relevant social networking service in flagging and/or blocking offensive comments and users.