You can view the Committee of Adjustment meeting here at 5pm

Click here to view the archive of past Committee of Adjustment recordings.

Committee of Adjustment - Registration to Speak

  • Please note that all meetings begin at 5:00pm unless otherwise stated.

Virtual Committee Meeting Details

You can join the meeting by:

1. Dial 1-855-703-8985 (Toll-Free)
2. Enter the Meeting ID: 831 2051 5117

Zoom Application
Click the link below to join the meeting.
Meeting ID: 831 2051 5117

Please note, your video will be disabled, and your audio will be muted upon joining the meeting. The moderator will unmute your line when it is your turn to speak during the public portion of the meeting.

Comment on an Application

If you wish to provide comments regarding a matter being considered by the Committee of Adjustment we encourage you submit written correspondence, by email to the Committee of Adjustment at

Written correspondence must include your full name, address and the Application Number that your correspondence is related to.

If you would like to address the Committee we encourage you to sign up using the form above. If you and your neighbours have similar concerns and/or comments regarding an application, we encourage you to appoint one spokesperson to speak on behalf of your neighbourhood groups or community associations, as a delegation.