We want to celebrate those who go the extra mile for the environment in our community, the green leaders who double down on sustainability and protecting the environment for years to come.

Environmental stewardship is worth celebrating all year long, so that’s what we are doing. The previous Go-Green Awards presented by the Sarnia Environmental Advisory Committee have been transitioned to a year-round celebration, the Go-green Environmental Spotlight.

The new awards format sees environmental leaders nominated by the community and selected by the committee featured on the City website and social media every other month, or as available.

Please continue reading for more on awards criteria and how to nominate. You can also check out award winners on our Go-Green Environmental Leaders page.

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Award categories

Spotlight Awards recognize individuals, groups and businesses from Sarnia in the following categories:

  • Business stewardship
  • Eco-warrior
  • Community stewardship
  • Sarnia’s greenest classrooms
  • Youth

Business Stewardship Spotlight

The Business Stewardship Spotlight honours businesses in Sarnia for demonstrating exceptional dedication to environmental leadership and/or issues. Nominated businesses should be involved in promoting sustainability in the workplace or the community; raising awareness of environmental issues with staff or clients; and/or reducing the business’ impact on the environment.

This award is available in two categories:

  • Small businesses with 20 employees of less
  • Medium-large businesses with 20 employees or more

Eco-Warrior Spotlight

The Eco-Warrior Spotlight recognizes a resident of Sarnia for outstanding achievement in reducing their environmental footprint. Nominated individuals should demonstrate commitment to reducing their impact on the environment by making any or all of the following green choices: reducing consumption of non-renewable resources, increasing home energy efficiency, cleaning up their local neighbourhood, opting for local/sustainable food choices, and following natural gardening practices.

Community Stewardship Spotlight

The Community Stewardship Spotlight recognizes the contributions of citizens of Sarnia who actively promote environmental stewardship, and through their efforts, have increased public awareness of environmental issues and have made environmental improvements within the city.

Sarnia’s Greenest Classroom Spotlight

The Sarnia’s Greenest Classroom Spotlight recognizes a Kindergarten to Grade 12 classroom involved in environmental initiatives that have resulted in a cleaner, greener Sarnia. Such initiatives could include waste reduction, recycling, energy conservation, fundraisers, and public education.

Youth Spotlight

The Youth Spotlight recognizes the environmental contributions that young people (aged 18 and under) have made, either individually or as a group, that have resulted in enhanced public awareness of environmental issues or enhanced Sarnia’s environment.