Environmental stewardship is worth celebrating all year long, so that’s what we are doing. Every other month the City’s Environmental Advisory Committee selects an individual or organization that leads by example in the world of conservation and environmental protection.

Stay tuned to this page, as winners are announced we will share their accomplishments here.

To learn more about the awards, including how to nominate visit our Go-Green Spotlight Environmental Awards page.

Mike Smalls — 2023, Eco-Warrior

For his dedication to promoting biodiversity, and educating the public on it’s importance we’re recognizing Mike Smalls as a Go-Green Eco-Warrior.

Mike works to not only maintain naturalized spaces on his property, but also works tirelessly to share his passion for the natural world with others, encouraging them to take action. He’s an avid educator, routinely hosting talks at libraries, schools and service clubs on the subject of biodiversity.

He is both instructor to volunteers and active participant in efforts to eradicate excessive growth of wild grapevines along the Howard Watson Nature Trail. Mike has also guided many successfully tree and mini-forest plantings throughout Lambton County. This involves Mike designing, ordering, picking up the plant material and leading the planting efforts of volunteers.

He also recently lent his expertise to the City, providing design work for improvements to the naturalization area, providing insight on how to enhance biodiversity and appeal at the park.

Biodiversity and the services that it provides are essential for human health and well-being. Climate change seriously threatens biodiversity, yet having healthy ecosystems is a key strategy for enabling ecosystems and species, including humans to be more resilient and adapt. Ecosystems-based approaches that support the sustainable management, conservation, and restoration of biodiversity provide long-term solutions and should be an integral part of the overall adaptation and mitigation effort.

Our Climate Change Action Plan identifies the need for us to enhance natural areas, and create critical connections for biodiversity. It’s just one of the many reasons the work of eco-warriors like Mike, is so important.

Vision Nursing and Rest Home — 2023, Business Stewardship

For its efforts in energy conservation and reducing food waste directed to landfill we’re recognizing Vision Nursing and Rest Home with a Go-Green Spotlight for Business Stewardship. The organization’s recent efforts have seen 19,000 pounds of food waste diverted from landfill annually, on top of a projected 14 per cent reduction in energy use.

In-house composting

Since 2020 the Wellington Street facility has taken an innovative approach to reducing the food waste it sends to landfill, operating an on-site composter, diverting roughly 19,000 pounds of food waste from landfill annually, converting it instead to wood-chip-based compost.

As an operation serving three meals a day, seven days a week, there is no small amount of leftovers and scraps generated on site. All that kitchen waste and table scraps is first dehydrated, reducing their volume by 85 per cent, before being fed through an in-vessel composter. Between 10 and 12 days after going in, the food waste exits as high-quality compost for the facility’s gardens and other community partners.

Kitchen food waste dehydrator
In-vessel composter, and wood-chip compost.

It’s a win for the environment in the fight against global warming. Food waste breaks down into methane, a powerful greenhouse gas.

LED upgrades

The home has also been busy rolling forward with a complete conversion to LED lighting., reducing its energy consumption.

So far the home has converted 60 per cent of its lights with LED, with efforts ongoing to convert the remaining 40 per cent. So far that has realized a nine per cent reduction in energy use, a reduction projected to increase to 14 per cent when the project is complete.

For their dedication to energy efficiency, and innovation in reducing food waste, we’re celebrating Vision Nursing and Rest Home.

IODE Errol Egremont Chapter – 2023, Community Stewardship

For their efforts in building Sarnia’s urban tree canopy we’re recognizing Inclusive Organized Dedicated Enthusiastic (IODE) Errol Egremont Chapter with a Go-Green Spotlight for Community Stewardship.

As part of Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee the group obtained a Department of Heritage Canada grant. The local chapter of the organization used the grant to team up with Climate Action Sarnia Lambton to plant 41 native trees at Coronation Park. In October 2022 volunteers from the group, along with City staff, planted all 41 trees, enhancing the communities canopy for years to come.

Trees deliver a host of environmental benefits to the community including:

  • Trapping of airborne pollutants
  • Providing shade and reducing energy consumption for home cooling
  • Absorbing and filtering stormwater, reducing flooding risks
  • Providing habitat and food for wildlife
  • Sequestering and storing carbon from the atmosphere

Beyond their positive impact on the environment trees deliver social benefits such as beautifying neighbourhoods and economic benefits such as increasing property values.

For all these benefits we’re celebrating the hard work of IODE Errol Egremont in expanding the City’s canopy.

IODE is a national women’s charitable organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for individuals through education support, community services and citizenship projects.

Past Go-Green Environmental Award Recipients

Review past recipients recognized for the environmental leadership.


  • Business Stewardship – Small: Great Lakes Refill Co.
  • Business Stewardship – Medium to Large: GFIVE Inc.
  • Eco-warrior: Joe Hill
  • Community Stewardship: Green Drinks Sarnia
  • Sarnia’s Greenest Classroom: Ms. Lemieux’s Grade 3/4 class at High Park Public School


  • Business Stewardship – Small: Deb’s Shoe Gallery
  • Business Stewardship – Medium to Large: Western Research Park
  • Eco-warrior: Mike Kent
  • Community Stewardship: The Cluster Parishes of St. Benedict, Our Lady of Mercy and St. Joseph
  • Sarnia’s Greenest Classroom: Deborah Lumley’s Grade 5 class, Rosedale Public School
  • Youth or Youth Group: Royal Thunder Robotics


  • Business Stewardship – Small: Mary Jean O’Donnell, President, MJ Waste Solutions
  • Business Stewardship – Medium to Large: Goodwill Industries – Essex Kent Lambton Inc.
  • Eco-warrior: Ed Brost
  • Community Stewardship: St. Matthew’s School – Ms. Nicolai’s Grade 6 Class
  • Sarnia’s Greenest Classroom: Deborah Lumley’s Grade 5 class, Rosedale Public School
  • Youth or Youth Group: Team Northern, Northern Collegiate Institute & Vocational School


  • Business Stewardship – Small: Blackwater Coffee
  • Business Stewardship – Medium to Large: Enbridge Green Power
  • Eco-warrior: Brenda Lorenz
  • Community Stewardship: Return the Landscape
  • Sarnia’s Greenest Classroom: Deborah Lumley’s Grade 5 class, Rosedale Public School
  • Youth or Youth Group: High-schooler Brandon Vale took the Youth or Youth Group category for his work with Bluewater Sustainability Initiative Gen Y, and promoting rooftop gardening in Sarnia, among other initiatives