The Chief Building Official must maintain a current list of all inspectors appointed under section 3 of the Building Code Act, 1992, as amended, for the purpose of enforcement of the Building Code Act, 1992, as amended, in the City of Sarnia.

Current list of inspectors for the City of Sarnia

• Adam MacDonald, Chief Building Official
• Brianne Anic, Deputy Chief Building Official
• Ryan Mortensen
• Brian White
• Lakhmir Gill
• Katie Racher
• Nicholas Mroczek

Current list of fire prevention officers for the City of Sarnia

• Roel Bus
• Pete Aalbers
• Tom Ennett
• John Milne

Current list of inspectors as appointed by Lambton County Building Services

• Corrine Nauta
• Nicole Coles
• Simon Kola

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